Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, and we have answers. We’ll be happy to discuss all aspects of your mortgage situation with you personally, but we also appreciate how convenient it is to have the questions you’re most likely to ask in a FAQ like this. Please explore this document, and if anything remains unanswered, we’ll be happy to go into more detail personally.

Why should I work with HLM, rather than approaching lenders directly?

Many banks and traditional mortgage lenders do not offer specialised Holiday Let Mortgage, and the mortgages they do have on offer are ill-suited to what you’re trying to achieve. Not only can we offer access to all the lenders that you can’t really approach on your own, but we’ll help you structure your mortgage application in a way that makes it much more likely to be accepted, as well as also invariably at better rates than going direct.

What does HLM charge for its services?

We offer totally free advice and consultation to anyone considering applying for a mortgage on a holiday property in the UK. Only when you are happy with the financing options that we find for you and are ready to make your application do we apply our very competitive fees. All fees our providing in writing in advance before we start working with our clients and are fixed.

What will you need from me? Will there be many forms to fill out?

That will depend entirely on your unique situation and the mortgage lender you select. Once we know that, we can gather the information from you and make the application on your behalf. Generally speaking, you’ll need identification and proof of address, information about your income and assets, information about your debts and liabilities, your credit history and your citizenship status. In every case, we’ll make things as simple and easy for you as possible.

I’m a first-time buyer. Will that prevent me from getting a Holiday Let mortgage?

It shouldn’t, on its own. We’ll be happy to explore your situation and your mortgage neds, and identify any problems that might prevent lenders form accepting your application. In many cases, we can also suggest solutions. Generally speaking, you should be able to buy a holiday property as your first UK property.

Which lenders do you have access to?

The Holiday Let mortgage market changes constantly, and so does the list of lenders we work with most. That said, no lender is really ‘out of bounds’. We’ll comb the entire market for a financing solution that is right for you and your situation.

Will you run a credit check?

HLM will not run a credit check on you, but potential lenders almost certainly will. We’ll ask you to submit a credit report to us yourself, but the information lenders get about you will be much more detailed. Note that lenders can only run such a check on you if you consent, but if you do not consent they may refuse to lend to you.

When would the credit check be run?

Once you have decided to proceed with one of our recommendations and the selected lender and a mortgage product, we’ll then submit an application for your mortgage. At that point, the lender will generally run a ‘hard’ credit check that will leave a footprint on your credit history. Some will only run a ‘soft’ check that leaves no such footprint, waiting until later in the process to run the ‘hard’ check.

How long does it take to get a mortgage?

Again, that varies dramatically from case to case. The complexity of your situation is a factor, as is the lender you choose and the details of the property. We can’t say how long it is likely to take without knowing your details, and even then we could not be certain. However, there is generally only a wait of 4-6 weeks between a full mortgage application and an approval or mortgage offer.

I’ve been denied a mortgage because I am self-employed. Can I still get a mortgage through HLM?

We work with ALL UK Lenders, especially the specialist / niche ones who understand the financial situations of contractors and self-employed buyers. We can generally find a finance solution that works for self-employed buyers, so long as there is evidence that they can, indeed, afford the mortgage.

How can I be certain I’m getting the best deal?

We take a close look at every mortgage deal you qualify for, so you can rest assured that we leave no stone unturned in seeking out the best mortgage products. We have worked with many of these lenders before, and we understand exactly what each one has to offer. We’ll use all of that expertise to ensure that the mortgages we put before you are the best options available.