About Holiday Let Mortgage UK

Holiday Let Mortgage UK (HLM) was created to help you get the best deal on mortgage financing for new or existing holiday properties in the UK. We were founded by experts in the Holiday Letting property market, and we are committed to putting all of our expertise, professional contacts and judgement to work for you.

Our team is made up of fully Certified Mortgage Professionals and the tech experts who keep our intuitive, fully featured WiiN client Portal up and running.

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Why HLM Was Founded

Why HLM Was Founded

Due to recent developments, the market for ‘staycations’ and Holiday Letting properties in the UK has never been hotter. From private individuals offering up their own holiday properties on Expedia or Airbnb to big firms buying up or developing holiday properties as investments, all signs indicate that the future of Holiday Letting in the UK is bright.

At the same time, interest in traditional buy-to-let properties is cooling rapidly, and that seems like a change that will remain for quite some time. This has led more and more people to consider adding holiday properties to their portfolios, or simply buying staycation cottages for their own use. When you combine the possibility of enjoying the property whenever you want (rent free) and the option of generating a substantial, low-tax income by renting to an ever growing market of holidaymakers, its only surprising more people aren’t investing in holiday properties!

The only thing really slowing down this shift in the property investment market is access to the kind of specialised mortgages that people and businesses need to finance buying or developing holiday homes. The process for getting a Holiday Let mortgage has been poorly understood, even by some otherwise well-informed mortgage consultancies. Traditional brokers had become over-specialised in buy-to-let financing, and too many mortgage customers were tempting to fund Holiday Let purchases through commercial finance channels.

We knew we could help the buyers find the finance they needed, and help the lenders reach out to qualified borrowers. That’s why we founded HLM.

Our Mission = Your Dreams

HLM’s mission is helping people just like you realise your dreams of owning a holiday home or rental property. We provide a specialised, tech-savvy and customer service-oriented mortgage broker service which allows you to access better, more flexible and invariably less expensive mortgage options than you would find on your own.

As a directly FCA Authorised and Regulated whole-of-market broker, we have the necessary specialist knowledge and expertise to ensure we find you the right Holiday Let Mortgage deal and save you considerable time, hassle and stress in the process.

Our Mission - Holiday Let Mortgage Broker

Commercial Finance Network

Holiday Let Mortgage UK is a specialist division of Commercial Finance Network. As the UK’s Leading Commercial Finance Broker, CFN has a highly enviable reputation amongst its peers for delivering the highest standards of Customer Service along with the use innovative technology to deliver service excellence to their clients.

Through its specialist divisions such as HLM, Commercial Finance Network provide a very personalised service to overseas and expatriate property investors, residential mortgage applicants, landlords, property developers and now investors and homeowners interested in entering the Holiday Let market.

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