Do you need to free up some of your equity, or remortgage a holiday home? HLM’s expert Holiday Let Mortgage team can help. We’re experts at arranging all types of holiday home and Holiday Let Mortgage, including a range of affordable remortgaging options.

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Remortgaging or re-financing your holiday property doesn’t have to be complex! We can help you find the best remortgaging options available, and keep the entire process simple and manageable. Whether you have a mortgage already and you need to free up some of your equity, or whether you need to take out a loan secured by a Holiday Let property you own free-and-clear, we can help.

Unencumbered holiday property mortgages

If you do not currently have a mortgage on your holiday property, and it is not in any other way used to secure a loan, you’ll have a wide variety of lenders eager to give you a mortgage. It doesn’t matter whether you need the money for repairs or improvements to the property, to buy a new property or for purely personal reasons. HLM can help you find the perfect lender and the perfect remortgage product for your needs and situation.

Holiday properties with an existing mortgage

If there is already a mortgage on your holiday property, there are situations where you wish to switch to another mortgage product before full repayment. It might be that your initial interest rate has expired and you are being moved onto a higher rate with larger payments. It might be that you simply need to free up some of the equity you’ve built in the property. Regardless of why you have decided to seek a new mortgage option, we can help you make the best arrangements possible.

What kind of remortgage terms could I get?

That varies quite a bit from lender to lender, and from property to property. Generally speaking, you can get a mortgage for up to 75% of the valuer of the property. If you already have more than 25% equity, then, you can usually free up some or all of that money for another purpose.

Better still, the entire process can often be completed in just a few weeks – especially with HLM taking care of most of the paperwork for you.

What about Early Repayment Charges?

Many mortgages are liable for ERCs if you pay the mortgage off before a certain date, such as getting a new mortgage and using it to pay off the old one. We can help you manage your circumstances to minimise or eliminate any ERCs you might have to pay.