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Buying a Holiday Home

Many people are considering buying a holiday home right now. Many of those people are also confused as to where to start. You need to consider the type and quality of the building, of course, but you also need to consider things like accessibility, resale value, upkeep and more.


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Holiday Let Mortgage Criteria

Anyone who has sought out a mortgage knows how important it is for the borrower and the property they are buying to fall into a set of criteria that the lender has defined. The holiday let market is smaller than the occupancy or buy-to-let markets, and there are fewer lenders offering holiday home mortgages.


Holiday Let tax rules

Holiday Let Tax Rules

Owning and letting out a Holiday Home is more popular now than ever. Not only does it avoid some of the issues with the cooling Buy to Let market, it provides both an income and a place to ‘get away’ for a few weeks every year.