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The conversion of a former windmill into a holiday let and proposals to turn a community hall into an art studio are among the latest East Riding planning applications.

The conversion of the Burton Pidsea windmill and Middleton on the Wolds community hall come as plans were also lodged to demolish a disused nursing home for homes in Driffield.

A former Shiptonthorpe bed and breakfast could also become a house of multiple occupancy under plans lodged with East Riding Council in recent weeks.

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The applications will all have to file the necessary paperwork to get them approved by East Riding planning officers.

But if any of them prove controversial they could wind up before one of the council’s three planning committees where they would be voted on.

Former windmill to holiday let conversion

The Mill House, on Greens Lane, Burton Pidsea, could be converted from a home into a two-bedroom holiday home under new plans.

The windows of the Grade II-listed four storey building would be replaced would be replaced like-for-like while a ladder connecting the top three floors would make way for a staircase.

The mill building was constructed in 1834 to replace older ones which had existed in the village since the 1260s.

The steam power-assisted mill ceased to grind in 1901.

It lay disused for decades though it was used first as a play ‘den’ for its owners’ daughter in the 1960s and then became a barn.

That was until an application was lodged to convert it into a home in the late 1980s.

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Art studio plan for community hall

Russell Studios have applied to turn the Reading Room of Middleton on the Wolds’ community hall into an arts space.

Plans were first lodged at the start of the year but since then details including the proposed layout and a proposal to install a kiln in the property.

The layout of all rooms inside the building would not change, except for its main hall.

The hall would be used as the studio while an existing office would be turned over to serve the new occupants.

The plans stated none of the changes would be visible from outside of the building.

They added it was possible the studio may only last into next year.

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Nursing home demolition for homes

Nine new homes could be coming to Driffield’s Long Lane if plans to tear down a former nursing home get the go ahead.

Applicants Essential Estates are seeking to demolish the former Northfield Manor home which closed around three years ago.

The two and a half storey building would be replaced by four three bedroom and five four bedroom homes.

A total of 23 parking spaces would serve the new homes if they get the go ahead.

The nursing home was initially converted from a hospital in 1987.

It underwent extensions up until 2005.

Bed and breakfast multiple occupancy home transformation

Retrospective plans have been lodged to give approval to the renting of rooms in the Shiptonthorpe Arms out.

A House of Multiple Occupancy has already been issued by the council for the former Shiptonthorpe bed and breakfast since the renting of rooms began in 2020.

The occupants living in York Road are all workers at the Hughes Mushrooms food factory, located in nearby Holme-on-Spalding-Moor.

The company rents the building from its owners because of a lack of suitable accommodation near their plant.

By Joe Gerrard

Source: Yorkshire Post

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