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North Wales climbs staycation league as people take short breaks to escape ‘gloom and doom’

A Travelodge survey ranked the region as the UK’s second most popular ‘rural’ destination for British holidaymakers in 2022.

The trend for short-stay trips in Britain is fuelling the popularity of North Wales as a staycation destination, according to a Travelodge study. With fewer people taking a traditional two-week holiday, regions close to big urban areas are attracting increasing numbers of visitors.

A survey of 2,000 holidaymakers by the hotel chain found that North Wales was the second most popular “rural” destination for Brits this summer, headed only by the Lake District in England. The findings reflected the pull of Snowdonia’s mountains but, for many, the region’s beaches were just as big a lure.

Travelodge’s latest Travel Index estimates 65% of Brits took their main holiday at home this year. Of these, 60% have so far taken three staycation breaks and may yet take another.

Around a third were families who usually take a main annual holiday but who instead took shorter UK breaks so that they could enjoy different experiences and locations. A quarter said they opted to take several UK short breaks as it “gave them something to look forward to against the gloom and doom of the global crisis”.

One big surprise in the survey was the appearance of Blackpool at the top of the list for “coastal” holidays – a position traditionally occupied by Cornwall and Devon. Taking second spot was Bridlington, Europe’s “lobster capital”, followed by Brighton.

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Travelodge spokesperson Shakila Ahmed believes the holiday trade is becoming more eclectic as people seek out different things to do closer to home. “More Britons are exploring hidden holiday gems that are on their doorstep than ever before,” he said.

“Record heatwaves this summer have also inspired Britons to take more spontaneous breaks to the great British countryside such as North Wales.”

For a third of Brits who opted for short breaks this year, they did so in order to catch up with family and friends. Almost as many saw short breaks as a way of keeping their children entertained during the summer school holidays.

As always, the weather was a big influence, with 29% of holidaymakers choosing to take spontaneous staycation breaks because of the summer heatwaves. Perhaps for the same reason, traditional seaside jaunts remained the nation’s favourite choice of holiday (35%) in 2022.

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Travelodge, which has 28 properties in Wales, estimates the UK staycation market was worth £30 billion in the year to date. So far 42% of Brits have been on holiday this year and feedback suggests this is one luxury they are unwilling to forego despite the current cost-of-living crisis.

Next year, this assertion will be sorely tested. Operators, hoteliers, B&B owners are fearing the worst with tourism expected to bear the brunt of household cutbacks. A fifth (21%) of Brits admitted it was just too expensive for them to holiday abroad this year.

Ironically it was the global financial crisis that helped underpin the domestic holiday sector this year. Travelodge’s latest Travel Index found 60% of those who choose not to travel abroad this summer, did so because of fears over airport chaos and flight delays. A further 28% of Britons holidayed at home because the weather here was considered superior to places like Dubai where temperatures are too oppressive.

Shakila Ahmed expects the trend for short breaks to continue. “With so many places to see and so little time and money, the traditional two-week holiday is on the decrease and a lot [of] shorter breaks, particularly in North Wales, are on the increase,” she said.

By Andrew Forgrave

Source: Daily Post

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Continued appetite for staycations offers boost to holiday let

Buy-to-let investors are always keen to look for new opportunities, and over the last few years there have been few bigger opportunities that the boom in the holiday let arena.

We polled brokers recently to get a better insight into their own experience of the holiday let market, and it’s clear that the last couple of years have been a period of significant growth for this sector.

More than half (55%) of intermediaries said they had written a holiday let case over the past 12 months, while more than 84%said they had seen an uptick in holiday let enquiries since the start of the pandemic.

What’s more, almost half (48%) saw a jump in enquiries since restrictions had been lifted.

It would be easy to assume that this interest is solely down to the pandemic. With overseas travel all but impossible, it was understandable that there was then a sharp rise in interest in staycations. People need to take a holiday, after all.

Little wonder then that investors recognised the increased interest, and took advantage by adding holiday lets to their portfolio.

However, that train of thought would suggest that the staycation trend has passed. After all, now that we can holiday abroad once more, will there still be the demand for short-term lets?

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Demand for domestic holidays

The reality is rather different, however, with a host of studies revealing that the appetite among Brits to have at least one holiday on domestic shores remains strong.

For example, the latest study from VisitBritain found 59% of Brits plan to take at least an overnight trip domestically over the next 12 months, compared to 44% who are going to head overseas at some point.

Notably, one in three intend to take more UK trips in the next 12 months than the preceding year.

That’s a pretty strong statement that interest in domestic trips may have been given a helping hand by the pandemic, but that demand is far from dwindling.

Throw in the fact that improved international travel means greater numbers of visitors from abroad heading for our shores, providing more potential tenants for short-term lets, and it’s perhaps not surprising that landlords remain keen on investing in these properties.

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The role of brokers

Mortgage intermediaries are crucial allies for all property investors, irrespective of what form of property they are looking to put their money into.

As a result, brokers will inevitably be hearing from clients in the months ahead who are interested in the holiday let market and how to go about finding finance.

This represents a terrific opportunity for brokers. Holiday let may have traditionally been seen as something of a niche area of the market, a specialist segment which they may have overlooked – not anymore, so it’s crucial brokers get to grips with the subtle ways in which holiday let products differ from traditional buy-to-let deals so that they can help those clients secure the funds they need to add to their portfolios.

Flexibility from lenders

Lenders have a big role to play here. Firstly, across the board we need to do a far better job in educating brokers, helping them understand the intricacies of these holiday let products and how they can support clients in a range of different circumstances.

But we also need to do a better job in highlighting the decision-making process. At HTB for example we put our trust in our manual underwriting process; there’s no relying on automated decisions, which risk unfairly excluding clients who could make a great success of holiday let investments.

Instead, flexible lenders are able to get to grips with the facts about each and every case, nail down the crucial details so that they are able to provide a more informed decision.

The holiday let market has already grown substantially and looks set to play a more important role in the future. It’s therefore vital for brokers to make the most of this opportunity, and for lenders to support them in doing so.

Source: Financial Reporter

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Research reveals 39% of us don’t check doors are locked before going on holiday

A new study has revealed that more than a third of people don’t check that all of their doors are locked before going on holiday.

Research from Aviva has shown that only 61 percent – or three-fifths – of people check all doors when they go away, and only 58 percent check that windows are closed.

Other safety checks come even further behind, with 57 percent of holidaymakers admitting that they don’t check that sheds and garages are secure, and 81 percent leaving garden furniture out.

As well as this, nine percent of people hide keys under doormats or plant pots, despite the fact that 14 percent of the people surveyed had experienced their home being burgled in the past.

Aviva reports that claims for UK home thefts are 48 percent higher in July to September compared to the rest of the year, with claims averaging a value of £6,000.

The company has offered up its best advice for those planning to go away on holiday this year.

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Don’t forget to lock up

Aviva research finds that two-fifths of people don’t check that their doors or windows are locked before they go on holiday.

Don’t advertise your holiday on social media

Before you travel and while you’re away, be mindful that countdown trackers and holiday snaps will let others know you’re not at home.

Leave a key with a trusted neighbour, friend or family member

But give the key to the person to look after – don’t leave under a plant pot or doormat where anyone could find it. Ask your trusted person to check for other internal issues such as water leaks, as well as signs of unwanted guests.

Make your home seem occupied while away

Use timers to switch on lamps and radios to give the impression of someone being at home.

Ask a neighbour to park on your driveway

Again, this suggests that someone is living at the property.

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Consider investing in a burglar alarm and security lighting

Both are practical ways to protect your home and can act as a deterrent to burglars.

Mow lawns and trim hedges before you go

An overgrown garden is a giveaway that residents may have gone away.

Lock ladders and tools away

Some burglars will have their own toolkits, but others are more opportunistic, so make sure sheds and outbuildings are locked.

Keep your valuables out of sight

Where possible, keep valuables away from windows. Similarly, don’t store valuables in the bedroom. Thieves know that’s where most people keep their precious items, so hide them in different spots around the home.

Kelly Whittington, Property Claims Director for Aviva UK, commented: “So many people have postponed their breaks because of the pandemic, so summer 2022 is a fantastic time for holidays. But we’d urge people not to get so excited that they forget to carry out checks and leave their homes vulnerable while they’re away.

“A few simple steps can help to deter burglars and keep homes secure – so people aren’t returning to a post-holiday headache.”

By Chloe Shakesby

Source: Farnham Herald

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Hodge returns to residential loans market

Hodge has reentered the residential mortgage market for its 50-plus, retirement interest-only and holiday let mortgages, after a short break from new business.

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The bank says that after experiencing “record volumes of business” it had “made the call to close to new applications for a two-week period to restore its levels of service”.

But now says that from today, 4 July, “new applications for all products are now open again, with service level agreements back to 48 hours with other service guarantees to intermediary partners available again too”.

Hodge mortgages business development director Emma Graham says: “We pride ourselves on both our service and the fact that our underwriters assess applications on a case-by-case basis.

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“We remain fully committed to maintaining a personal approach but will continue to invest in technology to provide additional levels of automation while ensuring we’re able to offer the services our brokers have come to expect.”

The bank, which runs a savings department, says that products available through its commercial lending division remain unaffected, with this announcement only relating to personal mortgage loans.

Last month, Hodge appointed Stuart Benge as senior business development manager for commercial lending.

Benge joins Hodge with more than 25 years of finance sector experience, having previously worked with N&P Commercial and Assetz Capital, among others.

In his new role, he will be responsible for expanding Hodge’s presence in the investment property sector on a national scale.

By Roger Baird

Source: Mortgage Finance Gazette

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Airbnb is giving more than £8m away so people can design weird and eccentric homes

Airbnb is known for its weird and unusual letting options. From treehouses and converted double-decker buses to medieval castles and mansions.

North Wales has endless rental options for people hoping to visit the area, or those wanting a mini-break to enjoy the incredible options on their doorstep. And now, the company has pledged $10 million (approximately £8.1 million) to people who want to build their own eccentric rental homes.

The funding is part of a project the company has created to make “100 of the craziest and most unique property ideas”, as reported by the Insider. Anyone who wants to apply has until July 22.

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Airbnb said it will accept submissions from architects, designers, and everyday people. If successful you could be given $100K (£81.5K) to bring the ideas to life.

Once the project has been completed, it will be rentable on Airbnb’s “OMG!” category. Submissions will be judged by the celebrated architect Koichi Takada, designer and fashion icon Iris Apfel, Airbnb VP of experiential creative product Bruce Vaughn, and Airbnb host Kirstie Wolf.

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Brian Chesky, CEO of Airbnb said: “We’re in 100,000 cities. Very few people can think to type in more than 20 places [into a search bar]. So what happens? Everyone ends up going to the same places. Everyone goes to Vegas and Miami and New York and Paris and Rome and London.”

We previously reported on the ‘out of this world’ flying saucer Airbnb. The small campsite in Redberth, near Tenby, is home to some of Wales’ most unique holiday homes – including a jet, a Pacman dome, a UFO spaceship and more.

The rental was deemed so incredible that it even appeared on the Airbnb advert. You can read all about the space here.

We also reported on the six North Wales hotels on the list of UK’s top places to stay in Tripadvisor Travellers’ Choice awards. This saw several places in North Wales make the top 25 lists for the UK. It included five in the resort of Llandudno.

By Jaymelouise Hudspith

Source: Daily Post

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Caravan rental firm snapped up by Sykes Holiday Cottages

A static caravan rental website based in Huddersfield has been acquired by Sykes Holiday Cottages. The deal allows private equity-backed Sykes to diversify its range of rental properties.

UKCaravans4hire was established more than ten years ago and connects holiday makers to more than 6,000 holiday homes located across the UK.

Following the acquisition, the business will continue to be run independently by its existing leadership teams but will sit under a newly formed parent company.

Gareth Irving, chief executive and founder of UKcaravans4hire, said: “This deal represents a new chapter for our business and I know with Sykes’ expertise and support we’ll be able to build on the huge success we’ve already had over the past two decades.

“Looking ahead, we’re ideally placed to reap the rewards of growing demand for affordable staycations, working with Sykes to grow our business and promote our holiday homes to a wider audience.”

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The deal follows hot on the heels of Sykes’ acquisition of Forest Holidays, owner and operator of environmentally sensitive cabins.

The combined group of businesses under Sykes’ leadership, whose own platform provides access to more than 22,500 holiday homes, are estimated to take more than 2.65 million customers on holiday in 2022. The group employs in excess of 1,700 people and is on track to achieve more than £170m of revenue in 2022

Graham Donoghue, chief executive of Sykes, said: “As the UK’s leading provider of static caravan rentals, UKcaravans4hire is the perfect business to have by our side as we enter into this new market, offering UK holidaymakers an unmatched choice of affordable and high-quality accommodation.

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“It’s a transformative time for Sykes as we accelerate our ambitions to become the leading name for UK tourism. We see huge potential in UKcaravans4hire to serve what is currently an underserved market, applying our expertise and market-leading technology to grow the business and catapult it to even greater success.”

Sykes is backed by Vitruvian Partners and was advised by Springboard Corporate Finance, Hill Dickinson LLP and Mayer Brown International LLP on the deal. UKcaravans4hire was advised by Symmetry Corporate Finance.

Source Insider Media

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Staycation: The only places in the UK where wild camping is ‘officially permitted’ named

Wild camping is many Britons’ dream staycation and can be a great way to cut down on costs. However, camping in the wrong area could see Britons hit with a heavy fine.

The UK has some of the world’s most beautiful countryside and its many fields are perfect for camping.

However, there are also laws that prevent Britons from pitching up their tent wherever they want.

A spokesperson from Pitchup said: “Dartmoor National Park is the only place in England where wild camping is officially permitted.

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“However there are still restrictions on where you can set up camp.”

With its gorgeous open moorland and deep valleys, Dartmoor National Park offers plenty for all the family.

Its famous wild ponies can be spotted grazing on the moors and archaeologists think they may have been here for over 3,500 years.

Tourists can backpack camp on some areas of Dartmoor and will need to carry their own equipment.

They can stay for one or two nights at a maximum and should check which areas are allowed before setting up.

Tourists are also asked to stay out of sight and should use lightweight tents that blend into the landscape.

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They should never light fires or leave waste behind and should take everything home in their backpack.

The park states: “If you worry about carrying your rubbish home, need a bin or a toilet – then this isn’t for you – use a campsite.”

Wild campers can also try asking a landowner’s permission if they want to set up camp in other areas of England.

The rules in Wales are similar to England and wild campers will need to seek landowner’s permission first.

However, the rules are slightly different in Scotland. The Pitchup spokesperson said: “In Scotland, right-to-roam laws are still in place, which means that wild camping is still legal.

“You can set up and camp in certain areas across Scotland as long as you follow the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.

“However it is important to note in places like Loch Lomong and the Trossachs National Park, you are required to purchase a camping permit between the months of March and September.”


Source: Express

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Holiday home owners raking in cash as staycation demand shows no sign of easing

A staycation boom is expected for the Easter weekend, underlining the investment opportunities from holiday home ownership. Lettings operator Sykes Holiday Cottages has analysed revenue data, alongside house prices, to explore the long-term potential of holiday letting across the UK.

The Holiday Let Outlook Report 2022 also contains consumer research, Sykes’ booking figures and insights from rental data and analytics company AirDNA, to paint a clear picture of the UK’s holiday let market. Blaenau Gwent in South East Wales tops the rankings of the best places in the UK to invest in a holiday let, according to the report.

With house price growth currently at 12 per cent year-on-year, and an average revenue potential of almost £20,000 per year, the area offers excellent long-term potential for anyone looking to invest. Denbighshire and Rhondda Cynon Taf follow closely behind in the new ranking, while the leading areas in England which feature on the list include Tyne & Wear and Lancashire.

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Meanwhile, the Isle of Bute in Scotland came in fourth. The easily accessible island was the only area in Scotland to make it into the top 10, but both Fife and Dumfriesshire weren’t far behind. Location and amenities are two of the most important factors in a holiday home’s success, so within the regions listed, any property must also be in a good location and offer desirable facilities to strengthen the investment potential.

According to the poll of holiday home owners, a quarter only started letting during the pandemic, with the staycation boom fuelling a rise in second home owners and investors entering the market. In fact, the sector continues to go from strength to strength, with bookings for Sykes’ holiday lets in 2022 up 35 per cent compared to pre-pandemic levels – a number that is expected to jump even further as we approach the summer months.

The consumer research found that 84 per cent of holiday let owners say bookings for 2022 are stronger than ever, with the same number confident the trend will continue to grow over the next five years. With a rise in holidaying at home, Sykes’ report reveals the average holiday let owner earned £28,000 in revenue from their holiday let last year, up from £21,000 in 2019.

For those weighing up where to invest in the short-term, Cumbria and the Lake District topped the highest-earning holiday hotspots list according to Sykes’ revenue figures, with holiday lets earning an average revenue of £44,000. Devon and Dorset follow closely behind as top-earning regions, with an average annual income of £35,000 and £32,000 respectively, while the Peak District lost its top spot, falling down to fourth place overall.

For those looking to maximise the revenue potential of their holiday lets, Sykes’ analysis found that a hot tub is the leading money-boosting feature they could have – adding an estimated 49 per cent to annual revenue. Income figures also suggest luxury amenities such as open fires could boost earnings by 19 per cent on average, while a rise in pet ownership fuelled by the pandemic has seen pet-friendly properties now earn nine per cent more, on average.

Graham Donoghue, chief executive of Sykes Holiday Cottages, said: “The shift towards staycations had already begun pre-pandemic, Covid has just accelerated this trend. And although international travel is becoming easier, we now have new types of staycationers that are here to stay.

“The figures speak for themselves – bookings so far this year are up 35 per cent compared with 2019 and the average income of a holiday let owner grew by almost the same amount last year versus 2019 – demonstrating the incredible investment potential that holiday letting can bring.

“With the UK travel sector flourishing, this will continue to have a positive impact on the economies throughout the country that rely on tourism, particularly in coastal and countryside regions. In fact, nine in 10 holiday let owners we surveyed think that tourism strongly benefits the local areas around their holiday homes.”

By Brett Gibbons

Source: Wales Online

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How to become a holiday let landlord in the UK

The holiday let sector is big business as the UK’s tourism industry opens up, and it can offer a high-yielding alternative to traditional buy-to-let.

Recent research has found that as many as 10 million UK adults are considering becoming holiday let landlords, or toyed with the idea during the pandemic. Holidays are just one of the lifestyle changes brought about by lockdowns and travel restrictions, but they could be a permanent shift for some.

The survey by Suffolk Building Society found that, of the one in five adults (17%) who thought owning a short-term let or holiday rental was a good idea, younger people aged 18-34 were leading the trend.

According to the building society’s records, the volume and total value of completions for new holiday let sales doubled between 2020 and 2021, as both existing and new landlords entered the fold to offer thousands of staycationers more choice of accommodation.

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Is a holiday let a long-term option?

People’s behaviours and preferences have changed, sometimes drastically, over the course of the pandemic. Where holidays are concerned, international travel hasn’t been possible, and it’s opened up the idea of ‘staycations‘ to more people than ever.

As travel overseas becomes easier, some expect the number of people taking holidays in the UK to fall. However, like the working from home trend, the change was already taking place pre-pandemic, with many opting to stay local for cost or environmental reasons, for example.

Matt Kelly points out that the holiday let option was steadily increasing in appeal for landlords even before Covid hit. For some, they were becoming the preferred option over long-term rental homes.

“This is a trend we expect to continue, and we expect the holiday let market to remain stable in the years to come. However, there will discounts out there which may be worth considering, particularly if investors are looking to purchase out of season.

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“Buyers may be able to get an even better deal by finding a property which is in a poorer condition and needs restorative or structural work. Holiday lets located in seaside towns, for example, tend to be more susceptible to damage caused by floods, salt air corrosion, storms and rotting wood.

“That means they often come with higher maintenance and repair costs, so anyone hoping to scoop a post-pandemic bargain by investing in a doer-upper would be wise to measure the upfront cost against the yearly upkeep.”

However, he points out that for those looking to make the most of the upcoming high season, a ready-made property would provide returns much more quickly.

How to get a mortgage

Due to the growth in the sector, rising numbers of lenders have entered the field, and the number of products available has increased. The heightened competition has held down mortgage rates, which is good news for those looking to borrow to invest.

Matt Kelly adds: “However, for more unusual properties such as a fisherman’s cottage, getting a traditional loan may be a bit trickier.

“Unlike many mainstream mortgage providers, specialist lenders have flexible criteria and can look into a customer’s background, their chosen property, financial position and other factors, to fully assess their position before making a lending decision.”

Charlotte Grimshaw comments: “It’s easy to understand why the idea of owning a holiday let home is so attractive. As people were limited to holidaying in the UK, often within an area they know and love, their eyes were opened to the opportunity of increasing their income, as well as enjoying a property for personal use too.

“Our advice to anyone considering this route, would be to ensure you understand the criteria that mortgage lenders will be looking for as it can be quite different to a standard residential mortgage application, or even a standard buy to let mortgage too.”

Benefits of holiday lets

Many people are attracted to short-term lets due to the higher rental yields they can offer compared to a traditional buy-to-let. This has been heightened for some by things like landlord licensing costs and the reduction in mortgage interest tax relief.

There are certain tax advantages to owning a holiday let, too. They are classed by HMRC as a business rather than an investment, so owning a furnished holiday cottage can be extremely lucrative.

By Eleanor Harvey

Source: Buy Association

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Sussex named a top spring staycation destination for nature lovers and flower spotting

Looking for the perfect staycation location to enjoy the best of Spring’s floral displays? Look no further than Sussex because the county has nabbed itself a top 5 spot on HomeToGo’s spring flower spotting staycation list!

HomeToGo compiled this study by comparing the number of public gardens with early blooms on show, their variety of spring flowers, and the median price per night for a holiday home in the area which is at £49.83 in Sussex!

“We’re excited to release this guide to help staycationers find the perfect place in which to enjoy nature during the spring season,” says Eleanor Moody, UK Market Manager at HomeToGo. “The demand for domestic destinations remains strong in the UK market, with rural cottages reigning as an accommodation of choice for travellers opting to spend their holidays closer to home.”

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“Dog-friendly lettings are also particularly popular, with 38% of all searches in 2022 so far via using the ‘pets allowed’ filter. Holidaymakers travelling with their canine companions will be pleased to know that plenty of the gardens included in this study allow dogs on leads.”

Here are 6 great places to see Spring flowers in Sussex:

Arundel Castle

Where: Arundel Castle, Arundel, West Sussex BN18 9AB

What to look for: The fantastic Tulip festival in mid-April certainly is a sight to behold!

Sheffield Park and Garden

Where: Sheffield Park, Uckfield, East Sussex TN22 3QX

What to look for: Spring colour from camellias, daffodils, rhododendrons, bluebells and more

Pashley Manor Gardens

Where: Pashley Rd, Ticehurst, Wadhurst, East Sussex TN5 7HE

What to look for: Don’t miss the annual Tulip festival as over 48,000 tulips are expected to bloom this April!

Bates Green Garden

Where: Bates Green Farm, Polegate, East Sussex BN26 6SH

What to look for: The famous Arlington Bluebell Walk is unmissable

Standen House and Garden

Where: W Hoathly Rd, East Grinstead, West Sussex RH19 4NE

What to look for: rhododendrons, bluebells, tulips, early blooming roses and much more

Charleston Farmhouse

Where: Firle, West Firle, Lewes, East Sussex BN8 6LL

What to look for: Charleston Festival from 19th – 29th May – the lineup includes actor Benedict Cumberbatch and many more amazing speakers!

By Cate Crafter

Source: GBL

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