Lewes one of the five most romantic staycation destinations in the UK
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A new study by the research team at WeThrift has uncovered the most romantic staycation destinations in the UK and Lewes has landed in the top five.

According to the research, the East Sussex town landed in fourth place with an overall score of 58.4, boasting 79 things to do, as well as being within a 30-minute drive to the nearest beach.

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The town also has 66 walking trails, eight florists and 10 jewellery shops within a five mile distance.

Lewes tanked fourth in the list – behind Henely-On-Themes, Truro and Windsor.

Windsor, Berkshire is officially the UK’s most romantic staycation destination with an overall score of 64.7 out of 80. The town is home to Windsor Castle, an official residence of the British royal family, as well as the royal Windsor racecourse and a Legoland resort, plus as many as 135 more things to do.

By Frankie Elliott

Source: Sussex Express

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